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Adinkra Symbol Ring in Gold plated. This unique piece features a beautifully handcrafted design, showcasing a meaningful Adinkra symbol. Made with love in Ghana and it's the perfect accessory to add a touch of elegance and cultural significance to any outfit.

Adinkra symbols were designed by the Akan people in the early 1800s in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire and are intended to reflect on greater meanings of life and death, wisdom and human behavior.


#1 Symbol Sankofa-Two Adinkra symbols: a stylized heart shape and a bird with its feet firmly planted forward, reaching its neck back over its body with an egg in its mouth. The Sankofa signifies that the wisdom of the past can help us reach our full potential in the future.

#2 Symbol (Aya the Fern)-represents a fern plant and carries the concept of endurance and resourcefulness. It signifies the ability to flourish and thrive even in adverse conditions, just as a fern can grow in unusual places with minimal resources

#3 Symbol (Afina Swords)- symbol of courage, valor, and heroism. The crossed swords were a popular motif in the heraldic shields of many former Akan states. 

#4 Symbol Duafe ( Comb) -Adinkra Duafe "wooden comb” symbol of beauty and cleanliness; desirable feminine qualities.

#5 Symbol (Gye Nyame) indicates the recognition of the supremacy of God over all beings, and therefore is the one that is feared and revered by all.