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This beautiful, decorative woven art pieces can be used in a number of ways to bring beauty to any room. These can be used as a laundry Basket or a storage unit. Let your beautiful creativity guide you into using this in whatever form you prefer.

This item is a multifunctional piece of art that is hand woven by skilled artists in Senegal, made of millet grass and recylcled plastic, and made to last. No two pieces are exactly the same and can be uniquely yours.

Please note that all woven pieces are individually different, and may have imperfections, loose ends, be a bit uneven as they are handmade.


Basket dimensions:

L: 34" h x 18" d

M: 26" h x16" d 

S: 18' hx 12" d 

Measured with the lid on 

9 lb.